HSE&Q Policy

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSE&Q)

COSL Drilling Europe AS shall deliver world class performance to our customers and develop a positive HSE&Q culture by continuously improving our HSE&Q standard.


All management and personnel are committed to:


Zero philosophy with regards to; personnel injuries, damage to the environment,

equipment and assets.


COSL Drilling Europe AS seeks to achieve this by:

  • Integrating HSE&Q in all activities and work processes; 
  • Clear and visible leadership in risk management in order to prevent major accidents;
  • Identify and prevent risk exposure in all areas of operation on the basis that all accidents are preventable;
  • Actively work with the authorities, clients and contractors to reduce risk and improve the HSE&Q standard;
  • Building a culture where you are expected to stop and correct;
  • Encourage and reinforce safe behaviour;
  • Develop the competence of our employees and motivate employee participation;
  • React on negative trends in HSE performance proactively;


We acknowledge that non-conformities, incidents and accidents may happen and in that

case we are committed to; 

  • Reporting and follow-up non conformities, incidents and accidents.
  • Investigate and learn from the reported non conformities, incidents and accidents in order to prevent reoccurrence or similar incidents from happening.


Jørgen Arnesen
President/ CEO,
COSL Drilling Europe AS                                       
Stavanger, December 2014

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