COSL signs rig letter of intent for COSLInnovator

Written Friday 03. July 2020 by Christian Pedersen

After being kept ready for operations over a longer period, COSL Drilling Europe has signed a letter of intent for the use of COSLInnovator on the Norwegian Continental Shelf starting early next year.

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Written Monday 25. May 2020 by Charlotte Kildedal

COSL Drilling Europe AS (CDE) signs Master Framework Agreement with Equinor on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, that fully enables COSL to provide additional drilling units and services to Equinor. The agreement will strengthen the corporation between the companies and to facilitate long-term collaboration at all levels. The parties will commit to work on technology development as well as operational enhancements with initiatives to limit greenhouse gas emissions from drilling operations. The agreement also lays out framework for delivery of integrated services.

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Settlement reached in the case between COSL and Equinor

Written Thursday 09. January 2020 by Christian Pedersen

COSL has reached an agreement with Equinor in the case dealing with the validity of the termination of rig/drilling contracts. The companies will also enter in to a new master frame agreement, which enables COSL to provide additional drilling units and services to Equinor.

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Frank Tollefsen named new CEO of COSL Drilling Europe

Written Thursday 04. April 2019 by Christian Pedersen

COSL Drilling Europe is happy to announce Frank Tollefsen as the new CEO of the company. Frank Tollefsen has more than 33 years of experience in the drilling industry. He started his career with Dolphin Drilling in the North Sea and has later worked for companies like Wilrig, now merged into Transocean, Ocean-Rig, Normod Drilling and Frigstad Engineering. Tollefsen will take place as the new CEO of COSL Drilling Europe (CDE) in 1st May 2019

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