Spudding dr No

Written Wednesday 14. September 2011 by Karina Veld

It was a historic moment when the COSLPioneer spudded it's first well 15/8-2 (Dr. No) for Statoil in the morning of 20th of August.

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Milestone for COSL Drilling Europe

Written Tuesday 16. August 2011 by Karina Veld

Statoil has accepted that COSLPioneer is in accordance with their requirements and specifications agreed in the contract between Statoil and CDE.

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AoC to COSLPioneer

Written Thursday 16. June 2011 by Karina Veld

COSL Drilling Europe AS has today been awarded the AOC for its semi-submersible drilling unit COSLPioneer from PSA.

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AoC on COSLRigmar

Written Wednesday 06. April 2011 by Karina Veld

COSL Drilling Europe AS (COSL) received a new Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for the COSLRigmar mobile living quarters facility (formerly Port Rigmar) on 31 March 2011.

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Pressemelding 01.04.2011

Written Friday 01. April 2011 by Karina Veld

COSL Drilling Europe AS har i dag blitt tildelt Samsvarsuttalelse (SUT) for boligriggen COSLRigmar fra Petroleumstilsynet (Ptil).

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New contract COSLRigmar

Written Tuesday 29. March 2011 by Karina Veld

PRESS RELEASE STAVANGER MARCH 29 2011: COSL Drilling Europe AS has signed a new 12 months contract for the accommodation unit COSLRigmar with ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS.

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Drilling contract for COSLPioneer

Written Thursday 09. December 2010 by Karina Veld

PRESS RELEASE STAVANGER, DECEMBER 9, 2010 COSL Drilling Europe has been awarded a drilling contract with Statoil for the rig COSLPioneer for exploration and production drilling in Norway.

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