COSLPromoter i Norway

COSLPromoter arrived Norwegian waters 02:22 on August 1, 2012.

In the early hours Thursday morning they got company of a pilot which assisted the crew sailing safely in the fjords to Westcon Yard in Ølensvåg. They arrived outside peer 1 at 11:31 and were securely moored around 16:00.

A few facts about the voyage:

  • The voyage were completed in 79 days
  • Total distance: 15097 nautical miles
  • Average speed: 8,5 knots
  • The voyage:
    Departure Yantai 15.05.2012 at 08:54
    Singapore 29.05 - 30.05 (33hrs)
    Mauritius 16.06 - 17.06 (22 hrs)
    Port Elizabeth 27.06 - 28.06 (18 hrs)
    Las Palmas 20.07 - 21.07 (28 hrs)
    Arrival Ølen 02.08 at 11:31

With a lot of activity in all departments and with as many as 118 persons onboard on some of the legs, the voyage has been completed without serious incidents.

The onshore team would like to congratulate the COSLPromoter team for an excellent and efficient job bringing COSLPromoter to Norway.

Lage Nordby

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