COSL Drilling Europe is one of the most efficient drilling companies of the North Sea. Our vision is to become the preferred supplier of drilling and accommodation services. The company was established in 2005, has its head office located in Stavanger, Norway, and is owned by China Oilfield Services Limited. COSL Drilling Europe operates four modern drilling units and two accommodation units.

Running safe and efficient rig operations will always be COSL Drilling Europe’s most important objectives. We believe that this achieved through proper planning and transfer of experience. Three of our four drilling rigs are identical, which gives a great potential for improving consistency which will again lead to increased efficiency. This will also be in line with our vision of being a preferred supplier.

The success of COSL Drilling Europe depends on the abilities and best efforts of employees. We shall be known for involving all employees and for promoting honesty, motivation and cooperation throughout the organisation.

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